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Hi there, my name is Ian Stanway and I am a 31 year old freelance photographer based in Staffordshire (United Kingdom)

My passion for photography began at an early age during my childhood (middle school to be precise) as I had always had a fascination with taking photos especially agriculture as I had grown up through my school years with a very good friend who went on to become a farmer, and each summer during the mowing season, I would go to the local farm and photograph him mowing. At this point I was using nothing more than a disposable camera which some of you may remember was the camera with the film that you had to have developed at the local pharmacy who then sent it off to their own labs to be processed and turned into printed photographs.

This then led me to purchase my very first digital camera - an Olympus E-410 DSLR which I used to carry on photographing agriculture as at the time I did not have an idea that many years later I would go onto turning my passion into a job. During the time which I owned my Olympus E-410 I carried out some farming photography work for my friend who worked on the farm, as well as being asked to do a pheasant/farm shoot at a farm in Wetley Rocks (Stoke-On-Trent) which was one of the first ever photography jobs which I had been asked to undertake for a client of my own.

After continuing my photography work for some time as a hobby, I then moved onto college to study a foundation degree in Business Management.....which is where I had the idea to turn my freelance photography business into a career. During my time at college I had to produce a business plan for a start up business of my own (even though I had a part time job at the local Tesco Supermarket). During the time planning the project, I discussed my idea with the lecturers who guided me on what I could offer as a photography business. My first business plan that I created just focused on products which I currently offered (which at the time was photo books and a range of prints), and what the cost of these would be.

It wasn't until I moved onto university to top up my degree to BA Honours that the business plan idea was used yet again in the Business Negotiated Unit which I was studying as part of the course. This is where I then really developed my knowledge which led me to want to turn my photography into a full time job as after working in retail for 9 years, I wanted a career change. During the time spent studying the unit at university, I developed my business plan to include how I would communicate with clients, what methods I would use to communicate, products/services I would offer including cost, how the products/services would be marketed, and how I would promote my photography work further.

During this time, I also upgraded my photography equipment from an Olympus E-410 DSLR to a Canon EOS 100D DSLR.

From this, I then went on to set up my own Facebook business page (IMS Freelance Photography) which I now use to promote my photography work, as well as products/services on offer. After discussion with other friends and fellow photographers, I then decided to take the giant leap and set up my own website which you are viewing right now haha. I also started to work alongside professional photography companies within the United Kingdom who offered high quality photographic products so that I could offer these to my own clients which so far have proved very successful with my clients.

I have recently started to photograph weddings, as during 2016 I attended a family friends wedding as a guest but I took along my camera just to take a few photos from the day (which then turned into too many photos haha). Since then I have photographed two separate weddings for clients of my own, and am looking forward to photographing many more in the near future.

I am also a member of Congleton Camera Club and try and attend as many meet up events as I can, as this enables me to not only meet new people, but to learn skills from other photographers in the industry and take part in various forms of photography, which most recently included a model photo shoot which I really enjoyed, and which I hope to continue with in the near future.

Back in October 2017, I upgraded my Canon EOS 100D to the new EOS 200D, due to the specification was more suited to my requirements at the time.

However, as of December 2019, after reading many positive reviews both in publications & online, I have upgraded to the new EOS 90D which will now be used for all of my photography work.

Media Advertisements

My photography work (including news stories) has been published in the Chronicle Series newspaper which covers Staffordshire & Cheshire, a few of my published articles & photos are shown below.

Chronicle Series Newspaper

Macclesfield Express

My photography work has been published in the Macclesfield Express  newspaper which covers Cheshire, a few of my published photos are shown below.

Staffordshire Life Magazine (September 2017)

I have had a photography article along with photographs published in the September 2017 edition of Staffordshire Life magazine. Photo's of the article are shown below.

Photoshoot Magazine

I have had a photography article along with photographs published in the printed edition & PDF version (issue 24) of Photoshoot magazine. Photo's of the digital & printed article are shown below.

Granada Reports TV Weather Forecast

I have had photographs featured on Granada Reports live weather forecasts with Kerrie Gosney. Photo's of these are shown below

The Sentinel Newspaper

I have had photographs published by The Sentinel in their newspaper and on their website as part of the SnapperSquad Photography members group. Photo's of these are shown below.

Biddulph Calendar 2019

I have had my photography work featured in the 2019 Biddulph Calendar. The particular photo which I submitted, was a frozen lake photo from Biddulph Grange Country Park in Staffordshire.

Members of the County Council Commitee chose the photographers to have their work featured, and my photo was chosen as the photo for December. 


I have had some of my civilian & military aircraft aviation photographs published on FlightRadar24. In order for these to be published, they were firstly reviewed by the screening team at JetPhotos who then approve them to be published on FlightRadar24

Hire me

If you would be interested in hiring me to photograph an event or wedding etc, please check out my portfolio work, as well as all my other albums on the main page of my website, and also feel free to use the contact page to get in touch with me. I aim to offer a high quality professional service to all of my clients, and I am a very friendly person to deal with, and always enjoy meeting new people and discussing with them how I can help them in terms of photographic work, as well as what products/services I can offer, at a cost to suit each clients individual needs. All products and services can be found be clicking on the link or choosing products & services in the menu bar at the top of the home page

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